allotment diaries: layout update!

Well the snow and the rain caused a bit of disruption to my layout progress but it's finally sorted! It was definitely a gradual process. I tried to tackle one bed each time I went up, digging it over and weeding as I went along. Then once all the beds where done I started doing a final weed (always seem to miss some!) and raking it over ready to plant in. 
I managed to sort out a few other things I'd been planning as well. I got hold of some palettes for free and built a compost bin, and the final icing on the cake... I got a poly tunnel! Looking forward to seeing how what different stuff I can grow in it and extending how long I can grow for too. Now I just need to keep weeding and planting - so far I've got onions, shallots, garlic, potatoes, broad beans, radish, beetroot and a range of lettuces/salad leaves sown! Looking forward to what May is going to bring, my windowsills are full right now! 
So here it is! This is how my plot is currently looking (you can see what it looked before, here) I decided that for now I'm going to keep a small section at the back covered and just work the beds I've finished - I've got 9 in total so I think it should still keep me pretty busy and of course there's the beds in the poly tunnel now too! 

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