teaching tidbits: the denim project

Of all the projects I've ever done with my students, I think this might be one of my favourites! I started a new post this September teaching BTEC Fashion and I was keen to display work at our upcoming open evening that really showcased the direction I want to take the Fashion course in... the thing was I only had 4 weeks till open evening. One evening I was browsing Pinterest (as one does when hunting teaching inspo!) and I came across the work of ..... and suddenly I had an idea. Better than that I had an exciting idea that wasn't going to cost anything either! I put a shout out on my own Facebook page and sent round an all staff email - got any jeans you don't want? Pass them my way! Within a few days I had enough jeans to run the project this year (& probably next). One mans trash is another's gold hey? 

Armed with materials all that was left was to pitch it to my students in a way that got them excited, not terrified, at the thought of making a garment with a 1 week turn around. To give the project a bit of context, my class were at the beginning of a unit for fabric manipulation so my aim was to treat the denim garment as one big sample for exploring fabric manipulation techniques, a chance to really go nuts! I decided to keep it elusive to begin, all the jeans were hidden in a bag at the front of the classroom and one by one they pulled a pair out. I then popped the following up on the white board... 

The project went really well and I had an incredible display up for our first open day...

I was blown away with creativity that my students had with this project and when I did learner voice later that term it was one of the things that the whole class agreed on - the denim project was one of their highlights of the term! In teaching I think there's nothing more satisfying than when your students and you are on the same page about something that worked really well!

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