first post!

It feels a little weird calling this my first post, but it's my first post on my fresh start blog! I first started blogging in 2005 on livejournal (I know! throwback!).  Initially my blog was a way of documenting the studio journal I had to keep as part of my studio practise for University, it seemed a bit limited to keep it in a word document or notebook so I decided to put it out there share it with whoever came across it! I like to think I was ahead of my time as now that I'm older, and a teacher, I've found blogging is some kind of  new fangled 'innovative' thing and that using social media etc. is very much encouraged at degree. I can see why! Because of my blog I was fortunate to have my work featured on UK and international blogs, made amazing contacts and friends and got involved with exhibitions (in the UK, USA and Europe) that I would have otherwise had no idea about! 

The transition from University to work changed the content of my blog a bit and over the years I began to neglect it, which is why I made the decision to archive my old posts and start a new! I want my blog to be reflective of what I'm currently interested in and up too, a place that I look forward to visiting and updating. 

I am currently working part-time as a teacher of Fashion and Textiles and when I'm not teaching I like to keep myself pretty busy. I enjoy gardening at my allotment and continue to develop my own creative practise. I've decided to base by posts around the things that make up who I am, and what I do! Want to see what I'm doing at my allotment? Check out my 'allotment diaries' posts! My 'creative escapade' posts will show case my current creative interests and finally because although I don't believe your job defines you, I love my job! So I will be sharing the occasional 'teaching tidbits' to share some of the reasons I love my job. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading! 

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