creative escapades: New Lanark

This year I realised that I'm the kind of person who sometimes needs a brief or set project to get me going. I had been spending most of my free time knitting or at the allotment and despite getting interested in exploring surface design following my Lush placement, I hadn't really done much personal work so I decided to set myself a mini project. I was planning to be all 'teacher' with myself and set a brief but then I came across the New Lanark Textile Print competition which was running alongside their Artist Textiles Exhibition. This was much better than a made up brief I had a real life one to follow and I loved what they were looking for. The brief would allow me to incorporate knitting into a series of designs! 

I am a very drawing focused person so my initial starting point was a series of pen and brush drawings of yarn, pattern and buildings from around New Lanark. I then scanned my drawings in and begun to play around with scale and colour. One of the things that was quite nice about the brief was that there was a set series of colours to work from. When I'm working up a design I like to work in three's when it comes to colour so that's what I did for each of my designs. I finished up my designs and sent them off. I felt really satisfied that I had completed a mini project, complete with a sketchbook of work and a series of prints at the end of it. I hadn't really thought that  anything else would come of it. 

Then much to my surprise I received an email saying I'd been selected as runner up! I think it's safe to stay I'm thrilled, but a little shocked! The prize was lovely, a pair of tickets to the artist textile exhibition and a framed copy of my print! Now I just need to find somewhere to hang it. Below is the print which was chosen for runner up...  there's also a lovely press release, which you can read here (and you can see the amazing winning entry by Zita Katona


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