creative escapades: Lush Design Placement

This post is a little bit of a throwback but it's one of the thing that got me hooked on exploring surface design in my own practise. In 2016 I had a bit of a change of heart about teaching. In September I'd taken a part-time teaching post with the aim of picking up another part-time post or supply teaching alongside it but that didn't pan out for me so instead I decided to go for a Christmas temp job with Lush. Bit of a curveball but I've always loved the ethics behind the company and it seemed like a lovely place to work. I was kept on after Christmas and at the end of the academic year I decided to leave my teaching post and spend some time developing myself with Lush. 

One of the great things about Lush is the amount of opportunities there are within the company for your own personal development. One of the opportunities that I was fortunate enough to be selected for was a placement with the design team. I got to spend a week working the team on designs for the winter 2017 collection. It was an INSANE week, I've not worked so hard and produced so much work in such a short space of time since University. It was so much fun to get immersed in making in that way and a real learning curve for me to think packaging over fabric. 

We were given a few different starting points based on the different ranges that were going to be launched in 2017 - Valentines, Easter and Mother's Day. I went very hearts and flowers with it all (I do love a bit of pink!). I started each set of designs by hand either with drawing or paper cutting and then work them up digitally. Here's a few of the designs I developed over the week...

Although a lot of the pieces I worked on were digital one of the things I really enjoyed playing around with was the RISO printers they had. Especially as there was neon pink to copy with!

A big learning curve for me during the week was thinking about how a design would translate into 3D when applied to packaging and for one of my designs I got to create a mock-up onto a heart shaped box which was rather challenging! 

Another learning curve was the colours on screen vs off screen during the printing process, which are visible below. It's interesting getting used to using a dull shade of pink on screen knowing that it's going to print really vividly. I really enjoyed the week and it left me excited to continue exploring surface design. Also some of the hearts I worked on ended up being developed and released as part of the Valentines range for the gift 'In your dreams' which was really exciting!

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