shetland wool week 2016

This year I decided to leave my career as a Teacher of Art and Textiles and one of the first things I thought after handing my notice in was 'Oh my god! I can finally go to Shetland Wool Week!'. Having long admired other knitters experiences through instagram and blog posts I was finally not restricted as to when I could take a holiday (wool week having always fallen in term time before) so booked my trip! I also booked myself in to a dying workshop with local knitwear designer Nielanell
The workshop was so much fun! We experimented with a range of different techniques; hand painting hanks, immersion dying on the stove, microwaving (!), sprinkling & baking and painting sock blanks. We also worked with a mix of fibres so I've got a lot of stuff to play around with now that I'm home. To be honest it's a good thing I spent the last year trying to downsize my stash as this is what I've come home with... 
Of course I had to make a stop at the two famous yarn produces in Shetland Jamieson and Jamieson & Smith. We even went out to the Jamieson spinning mill, it was amazing to see the jumpers in production on the machines! 

Another place that we came across by accident was Harbour Knitwear in Scalloway. The front of the shop was a beautiful collection of knitwear for sale, then out the back was a mini exhibition set up by the owner of the largest collection I've ever seen of fair isle patterns and swatches. It was insane! I spent quite a while looking through! Sadly (although I completely respect the decision) photography wasn't allowed. I took a photo of the beautiful store front though. 
I would 100% recommend Shetland Wool Week! It was an amazing experience and it's such a beautiful place to visit. We were incredibly lucky with the weather as well and had some beautiful sunny days so throughly enjoyed the scenery, going out for walks, beaches and seeing some awesome wildlife as well, I mean you can't complain if you get to see a seal every day of your trip can you! 

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