daily outfit: 4th October

Top tee & cake for topshop 
Cardigan  urban outfitter
Skirt  vivienne westwood (oo! a rare flashy piece of clothing) 
Tights  uniqlo 
Shoes Converse 

My first ever daily outfit post... not sure why I've suddenly decided to document things I wear but I had an urge so I'm gonna see how it goes. I'm not sure why I used the term 'daily outfit' either because I already know I will just do this randomly but I guess it's today's outfit anyway! + I'm sorry in advance as if you ever like anything I'm wearing you probably won't be able to buy it as it'll be 5+ years old, secondhand or handmade. Today's all fall into the 5+ years old category. 


Francesca Picano said...

That skirt is to die for :D


claire platt said...

Thanks! <3 it is legit the most extravagant purchase I've ever made! But I love the pattern!