March?! What about February? And aren't you posting this in April?...Well yes, it seems my new years resolution of completing a knit project a month is a little behind on itself. Unfortunately I spent most of February quite seriously under the weather or as I put it "You know your ill when you can't even knit" It was fairly unpleasant so the less spent dwelling the better. I'm much better now and have decided I shall have to catch up at some point during the year. As for posting this in April I just hadn't got round to blogging work//life balance has been a little crazy of late. Anyway! On to what I've knitted...

Back in August me and Matt visited Seattle. It's an amazing place for yarn shops and I was keen to pick up some American yarn. I was very pleased to come across Madelinetosh when I was in Bad Woman Yarns. Madelinetosh ethically source and locally dye their yarns (the variation of colour in the purple I got was stunning) - simply put their yarn is awesome! I picked up the pattern for the cowl in store as well. Initially I was a little daunted as it's a slip stitch houndstooth pattern which I've never done and now I don't know why I would have ever been frightened. It was nice and simple and as it was knitted in the round made the perfect commuter project. I knitted it entirely on my train journeys to work. Is it terrible that I'm now hoping the warm weather won't come too soon so I get a chance to wear it for a bit first?

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