baking bread

Well it's been a little while since I used my baking tag on the blog but I think I'm going to have to start using it more often as I'm baking and cooking a lot more and based on the few posts I've shared in the past I'd say I'm getting better at it too! My dad is pretty spectacular at baking bread so recently we spent the day baking together to he could share some tips, recipes and techniques (my kneading pre this day was terrible) and since then I've gotten a lot more confident. The above loafs are white loaves made using a sponge starter. Using a starter was definitely something new for me I've always just used dried yeast but now that I've tried this method I don't think I'll go back. 

Since making these loaves I've been trying a few different types, mostly sourdough. My dad started  two sourdoughs and I happened to be visiting on the day when you cut the starter back to 100g so I took some to continue feeding and baking with. My dad has named them after both my grandparents, which I think is lovely! He started them on the 9th March and was telling me that people keep them going for years so we're gonna see how it goes! I've attempted to make sourdough three times now and I'm tweaking it and learning as I go on and I think improving, thankfully it's been edible each time. Up to now I've always made two loaves from each batch but I think next time I'm going to try one larger loaf to see what happens! This is how I'm getting on so far... 

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