Unravel 2016!

So I finally made it to Unravel! Despite it being not that far from me, particularly when I lived in nearby Farnborough briefly, I have never managed to make it down to Farnham to attend. It is a fabulous event that showcases some of the best independent knitters, dyers & yarn creators! I went down on the Saturday so it was very busy but well worth working my way though the crowds as there was lots of amazing things to see & all around the venue there were little knitted creatures like the lovely pigeons above! The venue, Farnham Maltings, made the event a bit more challenging as it's a very unusual layout lots of nooks and crannys and just when you think you've seen the last stall, all of a sudden you'll discover another room you didn't know existed! 

I decided to work my way around the whole event before narrowing down, although I had done a bit of window shopping online to try and curb my spending. I decided upon socks & spinning for my purchases. My sock purchase came from the wonderful Rachel of Coop Knits! Ever since the launch of Socks Yeah Yarn I've been looking forward to seeing & touching it! I opted for socks Volume 2 as I was excited by all the textures inside and the gorgeous yellow yarn, sphene. I'm looking forward to casting on my socks! 

As part of my window shopping beforehand I discovered Spin City. As I was reading through her blog I came across her wonderful tutorial on drop spinning & was completely inspired to give it a go! Upon finding the stall however it became a very difficult purchase, owner Louise hand makes all of her drop spindles so each one is not only beautiful but completely unique so I spent quite a while deciding upon which one to get! (You can see her beautiful spindles HERE) I was also excited to try using some of the faux cashmere she sells. My diet is fully Vegan, the only thing I've not stopped using is wool. I don't purchase wool clothing but I still knit with wool. Although I always investigate the source to be honest it's still a debatable subject for me - I imagine it may enrage some people - but I'm always up for discussions! I'm excited to try using the faux stuff though and maybe it will help me transition! Anyway... here's some pictures of the lovely bits I got... 

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