I feel like I'm off to a pretty good start with my complete a knit project a month resolution! January is complete and with a little time to spare which means I can get straight on it with my next project. This is actually the 4th pair I have knitted of these, but my previous ones have all been gifts. I had some yarn left over so I thought I would make some for myself as well - they are very nice and cosy in all this cold weather. I found it was a perfect commuter project as it was easy to follow/memorise and nice and compact so easy to transport about (check out the lovely photo of me below taken around 6.30am, when I start my train ride!) The pattern is interesting as it's knitted flat on circular needles, something which I hadn't done before. I'm quite keen now to play around with the method to try different lengths & textures for the socks! The pattern is called Nola's Knitted Slippers and you can find it HERE. It's a free pattern and it's a nice, simple and quick knit! I've realised now looking back that it's part of a 'Christmas at Sea' campaign so if you want to knit something for a good cause it would be a lovely project. I knitted it with Rowan pure wool DK picked up from my lovely local yarn shop, The Knit Club, they currently have some shades in their January sale so if you're in the area check it out! 

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<3 great colour