baby knits III & happy new year!

It's taken a while but I have finally sewn up baby knit number three! (you can see one and two on previous posts). I'm not going to lie I did struggle with sewing up this one, I tried a new (for me) technique sewing in my stripes as I went along and it felt a little too bulky for my liking when sewing it up so there were a few re-do's and a few frustrated moments before finally I realised that babies grow quite quickly so I needed to pull my finger out and get it done! 

Completing the jumper ties in quite nicely with my rather late nod to the new year... one of my resolutions for 2015 was to try and downsize my knitting stash. My baby knits have partly been about working my way through my leftovers and I think this super colourful jumper is a nice celebration of my partial success in this area! I still have a few odd balls but there are significantly less and I've got plans for most of the bits that are now left. So now it's time to ponder a bit on 2016...

- do at least one crafty thing on my day off
- complete a knit project a month 
- keep a sketchbook 

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