digital design

From left to right geometric, painterly and checked

This year at work we have scored an amazing new piece of equipment - a sublimation printer! I'm so excited about the stuff my students are going to be able to create especially after I spent this afternoon refreshing my digital design skills following the amazing print, make, wear by Melanie Bowles. 

I made the geometric and checked designs following instructions from the book. I think the checked was my favourite technique (I've actually got about 15 different designs now) I love a checked fabric and once I got the hang of it they were quick and easy to play around with. The middle piece was made from a painted study I made while demonstrating to my fine art class this week. We were creating abstract backgrounds on cardboard inspired by Gerhard Richter, we used squeegee's to apply the paint - it's a very satisfying process if and you've not tried it before I fully recommend it! 

I'm going to be printing these onto fabric this week so I'll share some photos of how it goes next week! 

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