baby knits! I

Apparently, amongst my friends it 'tis the season to give birth' which means for me it's time to get baby knitting! These two pieces are for my cousin who has recently given birth to a gorgeous baby boy (yay!) I already had the jumper from my foray into making baby jumpers last year so I decided to knit a blanket to go along with it. It was a simple design 5 rows then 3 rows of stripes in garter stitch. I had envisioned it being a quick and easy knit. It was easy but it wasn't as quick as I'd planned! It was a good companion on our long car journeys and flights this summer though! I also set myself the challenge of crocheting an edging, my crochet game is still pretty weak but I'm getting better

The blanket was quite the challenge to photograph but it looked nice alongside our new cabinet. We found it at our local farm shop, which was sadly closing down. I'm in love with the colour & it's also coming in handy as a backdrop for photographing things. So this is one lot of baby knits down, two to go! Watch this space I'll be sharing more over the next few weeks! 

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