feeling autumnal

My summer was incredible! I visited Seattle (will share the details of some awesome yarn shops there soon!), went camping, caught up with friends and caught up with some sewing and knitting projects too! I've got a few bits and pieces that still need to be photographed and shared but the 'back to school' busy-ness has hit me hard! However last week it really felt like Autumn hit, fog in the mornings, even some rain and this weekend that perfect Autumnal weather, sunshine but a little chilly, so I thought I'd share a few quick snaps of what I've been up too. 

Clearing my classroom at work resulted in scoring a wonderful mens shirt which I quickly altered using following Ute from the refashioners series. It was a quick alter and I'm super chuffed with it! At the weekend I layered myself up in some of my favourite knits - particularly my debbie bliss tartan wrap - and went out for a walk to collect blackberries (I made a crumble with them! it was delicious). Finally I did what I always do when it gets cold! Baked a pie, my favourite bit about Autumn is that I can get PUMPKIN so this is a savoury pumpkin pie and I had a go at latticing the top, I could do with a bit of practise but it was good fun weaving with pastry rather than yarn! 

Hope you're enjoying Autumn so far! 

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