craft shops: Seattle

This summer me & Matt went to Seattle. The idea for a trip there came from our love of geocaching, the HQ is based there and in the summer they throw an event, so we decided we'd plan a trip there and attend it! After we booked I decided to check out what yarn shops were in the area - let's just say I wasn't short of options...actually, overwhelmed is probably a more accurate description! 

Having realised you could probably take a trip to Seattle just to go to knitting shops and that when I arrived in Seattle that it's larger than a person from the UK might think when looking on a map, I resolved to just check out shops based on if we happened to be nearby anyway so it didn't eat into too much of our time (and of my money!). Also I try not to visit and write up about places that I don't make a purchase in as I want to support the places I visit as much as I can! (side note: the 'I'm just browsing, thanks' blog post by social fabric makes an interesting read!)

The first shop I visited was Bad Women Yarn (love the name) I found it a little tricky to find as I hadn't realised when looking it up that it's inside a small shopping complex. Anyway it's a lovely shop, full to the brim with a wonderful range of yarns, I settled on some madelinetosh yarn to make a cowl with (still not on my needles yet!)

My other stop off was So much yarn (which has the best neon sign ever!) again, amazing selection of yarns, they even had some hand-dyed yarn inspired by Seattle 'Seattle Skies' and 'Market Place'... it's very close to Pike Place Market - a huge farmers market/craft market area which is well worth visiting too! I picked up some sock blockers in store & the staff were really nice and friendly! 

So not that many visits given the quantity of yarn shops but they were both wonderful, so I've no doubt the other shops are too! I think if we'd had a little more time I think I would have made a visit to churchmouse yarns & teas  as it involves a ferry ride to an Island and I was told by fellow knitters that it's a great place! Anyway for those of you who are still thinking, wait what is geocaching? Here's a pic of me and matt at the event... 

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