The Elisalex Dress

At the spring knitting and stitching show I picked up the Elisalex Dress Pattern from By Hand London. I could tell it needed to be perfectly fitted to look spot on so for the first time ever I decided to make a toile. Much to my delight and dismay after creating it, it fitted perfectly with no alterations needed! Arg! But sometimes I guess you can never tell and I would have been disappointed if I'd made it straight in my chosen fabric and it had needed to be altered. 

I decided that as I'd spent the time carefully making my toile that my reward would be to splash out on some nice fabric, so I started eyeing up some Liberty Fabrics and had decided that it would probably be one of these two... 

        Oxford                                                                                       queue for the zoo  

I'd seen the queue for the zoo print when we was in Amsterdam earlier in the year and loved how bright the colours were! Anyway off I went up to liberty to select and suddenly I hit a dilemma, which I also think is a TOP TIP just because it's available to order online, doesn't mean it's actually available to buy in store! sad times! I couldn't find either in store despite (at the time) them being available to order online. I was a little disappointed but also on closer inspection, of the other colour ways, began to think perhaps the fabric was a bit too lightweight for the pattern so I decided to have wander around the Rowan fabric section. 

The range of colours they have are really bright (right up my street) and the Brassica Moss print by Philip Jacobs immediately caught my eye, so I went for it! I love the combination of pinks, purples and greens and I knew I had shoes and a knitted top that would match it perfectly! 

The Elisalex Dress Pattern is really beautiful and the instructions are really easy to follow. I opted for version 3 (the sleeveless one). The only thing I found tricky was the curved seams as I hadn't done them before but because By Hand London have done a sew-a-long of the dress on their blog I was able to check it when I got stuck (it also has tips for variations which is handy for future reference!). I made the dress in an afternoon and managed to get it finished pre-hair cut (spot the difference below!) and pre-dinner date so I felt quite chuffed. It also matches perfectly with my 'doris the drape' cardi! 

Here's a few clearer pictures of the dress taken by the ever patient Matt... this is gonna be my go to dress for the summer for sure! 

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