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Over Easter I ticked off my number one, bucket list, must-visit travel location - Japan! We spent 10 days there visiting Tokyo predominantly but also Hakone and Kamakura. It was absolutely incredible! Before I heading off I did a bit of research into yarn and fabric shops and decided upon a few that I wanted to check out. In terms of fabric shops there is not just one, nope! There's a whole 'Fabric Town' in Nippori. It's pretty much one long street, but it's door to door fabric shops, which is a mixture of both incredible and overwhelming. I ended finding something in a shop called Tomato, I thought it was a super cute print and was pleased to find something that was 'made in Japan'. A friend of mine gifted me Jinko Matsumoto's book 'Feminine Wardrobe' a few years ago and I'm planning to make something from that with it!

The other must-see place on my list was Avril in Kichijoji. The yarn was literally floor to ceiling and was a very beautiful site. When I'd been researching yarn shops in Tokyo I'd come across several blog posts, one of which recommended browsing the Habu yarn site beforehand to help plan what you might purchase. I, rather regrettably, did not take up this wonderful advice! When you get there it's completely overwhelming and is very different to what I'm used to here in the UK. All the yarn is sold on cones and the price is listed by 10g - you need to know what you want! I spent a long time looking, touching and playing around on stash bot (def use this if you visit!) but ended up coming away empty handed. I feel slightly proud of this mind, as it means I'm keeping on track with my 2015 goal to downsize my yarn stash.

the lovely printed fabric I got!

Another top tip if you are planning a visit to Tokyo is The Tokyo Craft Guide. I didn't purchase it as I wasn't planning on just craft shopping whilst I was there but I reckon if that was your number one goal then it would be ace! It's also worth checking out the website as well as they have a free Nippori and Shibuya guide and blog regularly about events that are on!

I still can't get over the trip, Japan was amazing and I cannot recommend it more! Here's a few snaps of some non crafty things I got to see and do...

cherry blossom, buddha, shrines, cat cafes, ropeways, coffee, temples and shrines...it was amazing! 

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