pencil skirt victory!

For anyone who knows me in real life they will be fully aware of my love affair with pencil skirts. When I was around 25, having experimented wildly and unflatteringly with a whole range of clothing in my early 20s, I discovered pencil skirts, phew! An item of clothing which was comfortable, stylish and flattering! The only downfall I found was that they scarcely come in the patterns and bright colours that I enjoy wearing so hunting them out was pretty tiresome. Imagine my delight when Sew Over It announced the launch of their pencil skirt kit AND the kit came with a cute green/blue tartan fabric!
I realised I take a lot of headless photos - it's mostly cause when I don't I pull faces like this! 

The pattern is easy to follow and as pencil skirts go it's perfect, high waisted and a really flattering just below the knee length! As soon as I finished it I was already on the hunt for new fabric to make my second skirt! I love a tartan print so I opted for another tartan fabric from Sew Over It, this time in a stunning pink/green (my favourite colour combo). I don't know about you but I'm not a huge fan of buying fabric online so I like to try and visit sewing shops in the flesh when I can. I've only ever been to the Clapham Sew Over it before and as me and Matt were off to a gig in Camden last weekend we went via Islington to check out the branch there and admire the beauty that is the purple fronted shop! It's such a lovely pop of colour on what is otherwise quite a dreary street! 

So now that I've got my second pencil skirt I've come to the conclusion that this pattern has seriously changed my life! I'll never need to buy another pencil skirt, handmade all the way! 

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