knitted cape

I think compared to most knitters I have a fairly modestly sized 'stash'. I'm fairly frugal when it comes to buying yarn and tend to only purchase with a clear project in mind, that said with the leftovers, occasionally frogged projects and inherited yarns I seem to have quite a little pile of late! With that in mind I decided that this year I needed to start focusing on projects to get rid of what I have and my first stash project would be a cape. A few years ago I bought a wonderful cape from toast, which I wear to death, so I thought it would be fun to have my own knitted one. The colours are a little mismatched towards the bottom as I didn't have enough green but I'm pleased with the colour block effect it makes, I feel it looks intentional rather than oops I don't have enough yarn! Here's a few more pictures of me in the cape... poor Matt, bless him, I'm always getting him to take tons of photos of me each time I finish a new project! 

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