exhibition: Pulling it Off

Thanks to my lovely friend Camilla Stacey I am going to have some of my embroideries exhibited at the upcoming exhibition 'Pulling it Off' at the Fish Factory in Falmouth. The exhibition coincides with International Women's Day and there's a whole host of events (including an opening event on 28th February) happening alongside it so if you're in the area it'd be worth stopping by! You can check out what's happening on the Facebook page.  

It had been a while since I'd gone through what's left of my embroideries, above is a quick snap of what I selected to send. The embroideries are up for sale at the exhibition so if you're interested - get in there! I think following the exhibition I will do a final sale/destruction of the collection. I have an odd combination of embroideries left now there are a few which I am genuinely happy with and deem successful but there are a fair few now which I would call failures. I thinking of cutting them up and making a mini quilt with them so that I can recycle the frames for a new project! Getting involved with an exhibition got my brain ticking with new ideas! 

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