work in progress

Just thought I'd share a couple of in progress projects! Back in October I won a competition run by the wonderful Knit with Attitude. The prize was the wonderful Purl Alpaca Bjelle top. I cast it on and had done a tiny bit of the back but then the reality of Christmas knitting set in and I had to put personal projects to one side. I'm loving the fact that it's January and I can get back on it with my own knitting! It's come along nicely, just the sleeves and neckband to go now! 

I've also been enjoying how portable I can be with it as another wonderful gift from Matthew was this epic Debbie Bliss harris tweed knitting bag! It's so handy for fitting a project in it's unreal, it's actually homing nearly a whole jumper at the moment and it tucks into my handbag much better than tote bags and various other things I used to carry my knitting around in! Doesn't hurt that it's totally gorgeous too... 

My other in progress project is this... 

Although in progress might be a slight exaggeration as I'm completely stumped on what fabric to select for it! It's not too urgent though as it'll be pretty lightweight but I need to get on it so I can have it ready to wear for the spring weather, which feels like very wishful thinking right now with all this coldness! 

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