tiny person in a tiny jumper and redesigning

So yesterday I ventured off to meet the gorgeous Leo and catch up with my good friend Jess! He is the most adorable little thing isn't he? He's only 7 weeks old! On my way I was optimistic and excited to see my jumpers on a real life baby but when I met him and we began trying them on we encountered some problems - the neckline! The only one which fitted properly was the one above, oops! It was an interesting experience though as it made me so much more aware of what kind of functions and fits would be more suitable for a little one! I had no idea how floppy babies can be so dressing them is quite the challenge! In the winter months it would be much more practical to have things which can come on and off easily and whilst as an adult a V-neck jumper seems odd to me I can see how it would be much easier to get a babies head in! 

As soon as I came home I started sketching out ideas for new jumpers/cardigans and also started to re think my colours. It was great to have some tips from Jess as to what she would love to have! She's big on colour and pattern like me and said that that's the most pricey stuff in the shop so patterns for it would be great, which is awesome to hear! At the moment I've been using quite contrasting colours, which I think does work but I still need to get the balance right! I think mixing a bit of harmonious colour in is going to help. I popped up to my local yarn shop, the knit club, to select a slightly different palette this morning and I'm gonna get on it with swatches to strike the right balance. I may accent the new palette with a bit of orange. So whilst it's pretty much back to the drawing board for me it feels very much 'design process' like so I'm enjoying it! I also think I may be able to rescue the current jumpers with a bit of buttoning on the shoulders or poppers perhaps on one side. Anyway here's some of my new ideas and the new colour palette, I'm gonna work on 3 designs and stick with the same colours so I can focus on the design more then once I've perfected it I'll think about other colour palettes! 


Things Hand Made said...

This is why lots of babies wear cardigans!
Beautiful baby

dropstitch said...

That jumper is ace! Good luck with the new designs :)