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I've got notes, sketches, inspiration (that's my grandad and his sister in 1944 the jumper my aunt is wearing is amazing) swatches and all sorts. I've actually finished my first two small jumpers now but I need to block them and photograph them. I'm pleased with how I'm getting on so far! 

In other news, I've finally decided to have my own twitter account! (@claireplattknit if you want to follow!) Don't worry, I haven't been living in a cave for several years! I've been running the I heart teaching art one for a few years now so I never bothered to have my own one but I realised there's a lot of knitters, yarn companies, knit shops, etc on there that I want to follow and thought I ought to get my own account really! 
Also yesterday I had some rather exciting news! I entered a competition on instagram and I only went and won! Still can't quite believe it! I won the wonderful Bjelle kit by Purl Alpaca kit from the brilliant knit with attitude knitting shop - if you haven't come across them before they are brill as they are fully for eco friendly and ethical knitting! I can't wait for my kit to arrive so I can start knitting! 

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