oxford & knitting

A bit of a delayed post! But, the summer holidays for me always means catching up with friends who are a little further a field. Me and my friend Katie are always in different places! She's always up north somewhere and I'm always down south! Normally take it in turns to visit each other but this time we decided to try and meet halfway ish and settled on Oxford. The best part about meeting up is that it generally just involves lots of talking, lots of tea, maybe a cheeky beer and a haberdashery or knitting shop visit. We were very lucky with our choice of Oxford as it has the wonderful Darn it & Stitch, just look at the beautiful bike signage pointing us in the right direction! 

I wasn't planning to buy anything but the selection of yarn was exquisite and tucked away on a mannequin in the back end of the shop I spotted a lovely looking bolero with a luggage label saying 'Doris the Drape' knitted with 1 hank of fyberspates yarn' I eyed it up and down then tried it on, checked out the yarn selection and discovered hot pink! So I snapped up the pattern and the yarn! 

The pattern is lovely and it was a nice simple knit - perfect for evening knitting after work! As you can see it matched me most of the time so really was the perfect colour choice!

I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this!

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