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So this year is a big change for me. I first went into teaching four years ago and I always said that I intended to eventually go part time and spend the time not at work focusing on my own work. In the first few years of teaching/completing my teacher training I somehow still managed to maintain a tiny element of my own practise, the odd freelance piece, competition or exhibition. In my third year I was fully qualified and the work load was really intense and then in my fourth year I took up a new post as a manager, another increase! During that time I was knitting a lot but mostly just from patterns to create jumpers and what not for myself. I was in a maternity post so when looking for work earlier this year it was a tricky but I didn't feel I could really justify looking for part time work so I continued looking for full time. As luck would have it a full time post I applied for called me for interview but explained before I accepted they needed to let me know it was part time, I thought I might as well interview and see what happens. I loved the school and they offered me the job and I'm now at the end of my first few weeks discovering what it's like to have a free day each week to focus on my own work! I feel really fortunate and I'm really enjoying it. 

I've started a new sketchbook and I'm enjoying exploring different ideas. I've enjoyed the evenings I've spent knitting garments and with recent knits have started altering patterns and even free styling it with my own patterns so now I'm trying to focus that into a proper collection of patterns. I'm not sure how it'll work out but there's only one way to find out! I visited my local knit shop, The Knit Club, recently to select my first yarns to experiment with! I'm excited!

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roz inett said...

yay! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create! x