knitted cape


I think one of the best knitting magazines I've ever bought was the Debbie Bliss A/W 2010 one! There are so many incredible patterns in it. The best thing about waiting this long to knit one of them was that the yarn was half price as it's being discontinued, although I reckon you could easily substitute it for another chunky yarn if you wanted to snap up the magazine. Yarn box have got it for just £2.50! The pattern is the 'cape coat' I think I've worn it nearly everyday since I knitted it, it feels like I'm walking around in a blanket. I was also chuffed with myself as it took me 8 weeks (evening knitting!) so it was nice and quick. I get to knit a lot more now and I reckon I'm almost back to the speed I was during my MA days, although perhaps I'll never need to knit at such stressful speeds again! 

I was also pleased as my local yarn shop, The Knit Club, ran a competition on their Facebook page and I won! All I had to do was share a recent project, so I snapped a quick shot of myself and posted it and won this awesome knitting bag.  It's already full to the brim with my new project - a cardigan! 

Also I'm extremely late to the party on Ravelry, I'm not entirely sure I've got the hang of it yet...

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