Last year my parents bought a new house so for Christmas (2013) I was keen to make them something handmade and for the house! I've always had a soft spot for Milla Mia designs but I've never been able to decide upon what to make, then just as I was trying to think of something to make my parents my local knitting shop, The Knit Club, announced that Milla Mia would be doing a book signing at the shop! Perfect timing! I popped up, met them and picked up the yarn and pattern for the Elk Cushion. I found it a nice simple bit of colour work as there was no shaping, I also had a nice chunk of time to knit - a 12 hour coach journey to Brugge and back - which gave me a nice focused bit of time to get on with it! The yarn itself is gorgeous, it's hard to explain but it just knits up so wonderfully and has a beautiful texture to it. After having a chance to see a whole range of their items knitted up at the book signing I would completely recommend them, the kids range is particularly stunning! 

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