jumper two

At the beginning of the year I set myself the challenge of knitting at least two jumpers this year so once I finished the first one, I started my next one. I think my progress is a little better and faster with this one! It was helped largely because I started it just before heading off to a festival in Blackpool (Rebellion, it's good fun if you like a bit of punk music) in total each way I had a good 5 hours of knitting so I've already completed the back and started the front. Rather excitingly I'm off to a wedding in St Ives this weekend so I've got another car journey* so I'm hoping I'll finish the front and get on to sleeves! I really love the colours of the yarn and the pattern for this one, it's from Rowan's Nordic Tweed book which I really recommend all the patterns inside it are gorgeous! 

*Just incase you were thinking I drive and knit, don't worry I don't, I'm a passenger! 

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