I finished my jumper!

Well, schools out for summer (woo!) so I've been busy getting on with all the fun things, including finally finishing and sewing up my jumper! Ah it has been a while coming, I think I finally got over the knit fear I mentioned before and I'm not pretty confident about going for it with another jumper! So much so I think I'm actually gonna cast on again tonight! I think I'm a little bit in love with my jumper! Which is thankful as I've knitted things in the past and really disliked them when completed which is just about one of the most disappointing feelings in the world! The only downside to my current love for it is that it's absolutely melt worthy summer weather so I won't be rocking it anytime soon, roll on winter! 

In other news I've landed myself a new job for September, which is all very exciting - it's exciting because I will be teaching 100% textiles! I can't quite believe my luck! For those of you who don't know over the last 3 years I've taught all manner of things, Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics, BTEC Art, Applied Art even *gasp* Photography. Whilst I've enjoyed that, especially Graphics, I had limited opportunities to teach textiles, I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to this summer, I've got a big to do list and a bunch of stuff I've not managed to get round to documenting on here, it's gonna be busy, but fun! 

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