Jumper progress...

Well, I'm pretty bad at one of my new years resolutions so far, the one where I stated I would update on here once a month. I have however, made better progress with some of the others! I've been out walking more, read more, covered myself in tattoos a little more, got a gym routine going and I'm (finally) almost done knitting a jumper! Perhaps it's cheating a little to call this a jumper I knitted this year, but I will have knitted most of it this year and certainly sewed it up (my absolute least favourite part about knitting), hurray! Last time I posted about it was in August! I had just finished the back. I think I sometimes get into 'knit fear'. I've made 'knit fear' up as an expression but it's the feeling I get when I think about picking up my knitting but then freak out and think it's too hard. Recently with this particularly item I've gotten over it, in fact I'm now like 'easy knit' when I pick it up. Does anyone else create their own knitting terms? I started the final sleeve this week so I'm optimistic that I shall probably finish this just in time for some kind of summer heat wave just to ensure that I can't wear it for ages of something terrible like that. I've got a cape and a jumper lined up ready to start once I'm finished... I can't decide which to go with but the cape is in the round so it'll probably induce severe 'knit fear'. 

Have you been to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition? I went last week - it was brilliant! So much colour and pattern and knit! I adored it. You can read some more about it and see some photos over at I Heart Teaching Art

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