new year

I always feel optimistic in January. There's a whole year ahead that has the potential to be filled with exciting new stuff, which I think is the reason I like setting new years resolutions. That said I don't think I'm particularly brilliant at keeping them. Last year I set myself a whole host of vague to specific ones, including my blog once a week which I randomly stopped doing at week forty-four. I'm not disheartened though I've set out to complete some more this year! I think it's always good to set yourself goals, even if somewhere along the way you realise those goals might need to be adjusted a bit. I've pinned this years ones above my bed...

So I've started well. (from left to right) hand knitted jumper number one in progress, hand knitted jumper number two disassembled and my knitting machine put together! At the very top is my typography sketchbook/scrapbook. I've started sticking down the beautiful type I've found in magazines and I'm blogging! Small steps. Happy new year all! 

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roz inett said...

I like your idea of sticking a resolution list above your bed! Particularly like number 5! :)