week forty-three: pumpkins

I love pumpkins! My attempts at growing them this year were abysmal, I felt slightly better when I discovered for once this may not be down to my not so green fingers, apparently it has been bad year for pumpkin growers everywhere. Anyway I spent this weekend with my best friend whom I was very happy to see as she has been travelling the world for the last year - I've missed her like crazy! We decided to get our halloween on and carve pumpkins, although I must admit I feel a little embarrassed of my blerrghhh sad face pumpkin in comparison to her completely epic detailed one! The weekend was lovely, it was wonderful to catch up, do crafty things and explore the north. Yep! I ventured to  'The North'! I went to Manchester, Preston, Leyland and Liverpool, Liverpool was particularly brilliant as it was the biennial so there was lots of art to see!

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