week forty: more knitting plans

Well I made a rather ambitious new years resolution back on January 1st that said something along the lines of wanting to create my own knitwear collection. As you may have gathered if you've been following my weekly posts, I haven't got very far. It's been an odd combination of time/other things/feeling like I'm having a year of just potting about and brewing ideas rather than actually getting on with it. But yesterday morning I decided to start sketching out some ideas. I decided after knitting some kids pieces (and some adult ones) that a kids wear collection would be perfect in terms of time/cost but that it also probably suits my colour palette and ideas for patterns. I like the idea of 'splashes of fair isle' I'm excited to try and work out a pattern for it! 


Things Hand Made said...

as a mother of 3 who has her own mother who knits for the kids I would suggest.....wide easy necklines, neutral stars and stripes. colours that can be passed from child to child and cuffs that can be folded back or rolled forward easily depending on the activity and child.

claire platt said...

oo! thanks for the tips! I was thinking a kind boat neck (which is really wide) but neutral colours is def worth thinking about - I wouldn't have thought about that! thanks :)