week thirty-five: old work

One of the things I like about teaching is that every now and then you'll remember something you did yourself as a student and realise that it could be relevant for something you, or a colleague, is doing with students. I just got these body print pieces above back from work this week, Kirsty burrowed them to show her life drawing class - one student liked them so much that she did body prints for her final outcome! Life drawing and these body prints were my first ever body of work that started to look at the body, which over time evolved into the organ embroidery pieces. It seems funny looking back at work I made when I was 17/18 but there's something kind of interesting about it. It's also incredible to think this is the first time I've photographed it because it wasn't all about digital cameras, blogging, uploading photos and the like back then, things just used to stay hidden in your portfolio for only you, fellow students and tutors to see - back in the day hey! 

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