week thirty-eight: London Design Festival

I spent yesterday running around London soaking up the London Design Festival- it was great! I first discovered the London Design Festival a few years ago when I worked at a couple of events (teaching knitting and helping out at the art car boot fair!) and I try and visit it each year. I can't get over how much amazing, free, stuff there is to do and see. I always seem to pick out a favourite thing each year though, two years ago it was Hel Yes! (an amazing pop up restaurant that I took matt too for his birthday!) this year it definitely has to be the prism. Stupidly I turned up at the V&A not realising that you had to book but luckily for me someone decided not to turn up for their allocated time and I was first in line for 'returns', phew! I got to go up into parts of the V&A that have never been open to the public, we were led up a very narrow spiral staircase which eventually led to a large room in which the prism was housed. It was so beautiful! Then as if that wasn't enough we were led up an even more precarious spiral stair case and up onto the roof - I had no idea that this was going to happen so I was quite blown away! The views across London were amazing! Anyway it's open till Friday 28th September so if you can make it up there I would totally recommend booking yourself up, it's free + amazing! What more could you want! I'll be putting up a full review-type post on I Heart Teaching Art tomorrow but there's some info on what I was checking out already, here. Yay for free art! 

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