week thirty-four: in the darkroom

My wonderful friend and colleague Kirsty has been teaching me some awesome stuff in the darkroom! Above are a few of the experimental things we tried in the darkroom this week. The photo's I found most fun to make are the two which look bubbly... they were made by putting vaseline and water onto a piece of acetate then putting it into the negative carrier and exposing it! The black one is the original exposure and the white one is my attempt at a reversal - I'm still working on it but that was my best shot! We also had fun discovering that you can make multiple exposure like images by exposing magazine cuttings (because it's double sided both images come through!). The whole day was really good fun and I'm looking forward to having a few more experiments in there - I shot a roll of film over the summer so I'll be developing that soon, I'm hoping there's some atmospheric mountain shots on there from mine and matt's trip to Scotland. Speaking of Matt, he's got himself blogging too, although his is all about his epic long walks, you should check it out, it's awesome! 

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