week thirty: flying, knitting and adventures

I will be in Scotland when this is posted! What's that got to do with this random picture of unfinished knitting? Well my trip will involve around 20 hours as a passenger in a car, aka a wonderful amount of time to get on with some knitting so hopefully in next weeks post I'll have a lot more knitting to show! This week however has been much more exciting than just packing for my trip - on Tuesday I flew a plane! Yep! I can't believe it either! It was absolutely incredible and probably the best of my 30 things so far. It also marks my half way point, I've only got 15 things left on my list to complete now. I'm sure I've said it before but I love having my 30 things list, I think everyone should have one! Or if your older/younger have which ever decade your coming up too, 40 things before your 40, 10 things before your 10! woo! Two of my friends have recently posted up their 30 things so if you're stuck for ideas you can get inspiration from mine, katie's or jimmy's. Let me know if you make a list! 

me with an odd look on my face and sporting a rather fetching high-vis jacket! Oh and the plane I flew in the background!

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