week twenty-five: i heart teaching art

This week I've been busy working on i heart teaching art and it's really starting to come together! We've got regular posts, the resources page is sorted (my personal victory of the day!) and we're on facebook and twitter so you can follow us if you like! I feel like it's been a productive week! I've also been keeping myself busy having a go at the tutorials we make at work for our students so that I've got a little bank of examples! It's been really fun. The one above is a Geraldine Georges inspired one and I've included it in my first 'tutorial' post on I heart teaching art - you can read it here. I had a go at a few other techniques this week too, using images of No Doubt, mostly because I'm excited about their upcoming new single, but also because I'm doing a 'song of the summer' project so it's good to have some relevant examples to show my students! You can see my other experiments in my teaching set on flickr. I think my plan for work over the next few weeks is to try and do as many examples as I can so I'm fully prepared to whip them out as and when needed next year so there should be a lot more posted/uploaded  soon!  

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