week eighteen: when i dine it's for the wall that i set a place

This week I've been sketching again and playing around with some more typography stuff. It's still based around the name that tune idea (any guesses for this one by the way?). It was quite fun having a go and messing about with my sketches in illustrator a bit too, it's something I've not really done before with any of my work but I think it has the potential to be quite fun if I develop anything further than sketches. I quite liked using watercolour although I may need to invest in some masking fluid rather than masking tape as it's all a bit angular and it ripped the paper a little! 

p.s I've got a little side project brewing - i heart teaching art. I'll post about it more when it's all fully up and running but feel free to have a little browse in the mean time! + I've been falling in love with pinterest more and more, I've got a typography board on there! Inspired! 

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