week fourteen: sewing, knitting, drawing, growing

I think mustard yellow is my current favourite colour! 

Remember when I won the Grannies Inc design a vest competition? Well firstly if you wish you can now buy my design from their website - exciting stuff! Secondly I used the money I won to buy some of Grannies Inc's yarn. I would never normally splash out on yarn in that way so I thought it was the most appropriate thing to do. This week I've been busy looking at it, drawing out ideas, then throwing in the towel with the bright colours and just going for a moss stitch scarf. I wear a scarf for quite a lot of the year + sometimes I like just having a simple knit to pick up and keep myself busy with. I am however going to use the more neutral ones to make a poncho and I'm going to try and knit it in the round (something I don't do very often) so guess I've divided it into one super simple knit vs one challenging knit. I forgot how much fun it is to knit with chunky yarn though, it comes together really quickly! 

Anyway as it's the easter holidays I've had a bit more time on my hands so this week I also took up another challenge - to sew myself a skirt. Last summer I went to the Trefriw Wollen Mills and got some of their beautiful tweed and planned to make myself a skirt. It's taken a while to actually get round to it but yesterday I did it! I was terrified as the fabric was so special I wanted it to be perfect! I followed this pattern book by DIY couture and would 100% recommend it, in fact one of my students used the cape book and her piece came out amazingly too. The instructions are really clear and it allows you to customise it to fit you perfectly - really awesome! 

I've also been busy planting, weeding and preparing the garden - yay spring! My windowsills are full to the brim with plant pots and some of them have started to come up really quick like this coriander which grew a surprising amount over just 3 days... 

happy easter! 


dropstitch said...

Oooh! Lovely colours. You'll be dreading the arrival of summer with such a cosy scarf and skirt to wear.

Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

beautiful contrasting colours, I love your little gif too :-)