week nine: knitting and stamping

There's been something about the last few weeks which has left me with little time to actually make stuff, but this week I managed to finally make a start on this jumper. I've got a long way to go, I've never knitted something this substantial on such small needles (3.25mm) so it will be quite the challenge. Hopefully next week I'll have some other knitting to share which is quite the contrast to the tiny ness as it'll be with chunky wool and my own pattern... will have to see how that goes! I also got a rather wonderful stamp kit from Muji. I'm looking forward to stamping some lyrics and slogans. I made a postcard for a friend this week that said 'my back teeth are floating' we're thinking of doing a collaborative type project this year and we're gathering odd little expressions like that, suggestions very much welcomed!

I also went out and got inspired at David Shrigley and Jeremy Deller at the Hayward Gallery this week - both were amazing! I went last weekend to check it out before taking my graphics students to it on Wednesday. I think it may actually be the best exhibition I've ever been too. There was lots of interactive qualities to it and you could even have a free cup of tea in the Jeremy Deller section, you can't get better than that! Definitely a must see if you can, it's on till May. 

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