week two: knit, knit, knit

Well the first weeks flown by but I think I'm off to a good start. I finished that jumper I started back in November. It was actually a fairly quick and easy knit once I had enough time to just get on with it. I think it will be well worn this winter.  I've also started my next knit project, yes following a pattern, I think I'm addicted, I already had the yarn so I wanted to just get this one done (oh and there's that other jumper I already got the yarn for... hmm) before I start making my own pieces. 

I've been pinning beautiful knits on pinterest. I love the idea of collecting up inspiration in that way its so instant and means I can look at all the things I'm finding in one go, although I do miss my sketchbooks. I think I might have to  begin a new little scrapbook/sketchbook to get some new ideas going. 

In other news I've set myself a few extra challenges for the year. I'm doing the swimathon and the great swim, both one mile distances (one indoor and one outdoor) and I'm doing a Triathlon. It's a bit scary to think all 3 will be over in 18 weeks, good thing I've been getting into 6am swims and gym sessions! Anyway I'll leave you with my favourite thing from about last week... keeping warm wearing my chunky knit socks!

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Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

gorgeous knitting. I love the pattern in the new work you have started. Good luck with the swimming, hope the outdoor one isn't too cold - brrrr!