week three: gifs and wrist warmers

I finished my wrist warmers! I haven't quite mastered taking a photograph of both hands at the same time though I'm not sure that it's an achievable goal. I've been reading a bit more over the last few weeks which is good. It's strange thinking two years ago one of my new years resolutions was to read a book a week (I think I actually only managed about 32 over the year) and that now I barely managed to read any! I think last year I only read 8 and 3 of them were on a holiday in the summer! Terrible. I'm reading Waterlog and 1Q84 at the moment. I think if I could read a book a month I'd be pretty satisfied. I'm always on the look out for reading recommendations if anyone has any suggestions!

I've been having a lot of fun at work this last week as I'm doing an animation project with a couple of groups. This week we're doing animated gifs. I followed this wonderful tutorial on say yes to hoboken, and had some fun making my own examples! One group are making subject related self portraits (hence the maths) and the other group have been making packaging, I've used a lamb perfume box I had to demo it. I also had a go at making one of one of my blythe dolls. It's really quite addictive, I think my next step will be to try and make a cinemagraph, there's some amazing ones out there like these by Jamie Beck and a good tutorial here. I think I've a long way to go till I create anything remotely sophisticated but I'm definitely having fun trying a new technique... 

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