week one: happy new year!

2011 has been a pretty good year I think. I've been involved in some cool exhibitions/projects, been to some wonderful places, grown (vegetables) and generally had some fun times. I'm not normally one for resolutions (last year it was simply, more knitting) but I feel like making some this year...

To knit more -  I've enjoyed knitting garments etc a lot more this year and I think perhaps I should take this forward to try and knit my own little collection. I am sure inevitably I will do little more with it than wear it but whatever happens it would be a nice challenge and I think it will fit in well around work. 

30 things - this year I managed to hit the half way point with my 30 things before I'm 30, the ones I did were a combination of exciting, frikkin' hard work and accidental (having my work published in a book + flying trapeze,  completing a triathlon + a charity run and going to see a ballet) so it would be good to carry on a pick out a few more for the coming year. I quite like the idea of flying a plane, moving out of my parents and road tripping in a foreign country but I shall have to see what 2012 brings! 

cook more - I cook quite a lot now but I want to be more organised with it. Me and my mum have decided we're going to have a chalk board up in the kitchen so that we can plan and pick recipes for each day of the week and get organised both with our cooking and our shopping. I want to try and cook more seasonally and become more aware of what is in season and when! Gardening has helped me with this, this year but I think it'll be a fun challenging. The first step to get started with this is getting on with making the chalk board! 

blog more - I enjoyed my 12 days till Christmas posting so I think it would be better for me if I got into a more regular pattern with blogging. Mostly I think it will help me to keep on track with different projects but it will also be quite the challenge for me. This is my first post 'week one' I'm not being too ambitious I'm going to aim for a post a week. I want to post more about work in progress, teaching, baking and gardening. 

to take the handmade pledge - my aim for 2012 is to only buy (or make) handmade items. I know that there will be some things that fall outside of this but for the most part I hope to keep it this way! 

Well that's probably more than enough resolutions to get me started! Happy new year everyone! 


KatieBriggs said...

Good resolutions, I like your handmade pledge. I think you could cross off your road trip in a foreigh country if you come to New Zealand woo great idea or what?? Happy New Year Platters, miss ya. x.x.

claire platt said...

indeed i could ! but when is a good time to go to new zealand?

it's scary making resolutions - now i've got to keep them! ahhh!