week four: lomography

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Our department recently got a few Diana Mini Lomo cameras which was quite exciting, so I took one out last week and got the film developed this week. It was relatively easy to use, although one draw back was it came with no instructions so I had to use the site to work out what all the buttons did, but perhaps this is because I am very amateur when it comes to photography. Once I got going (oh I forgot to wind on the film for the first... ten shots, oops!) I got the hang of it. I think the double exposures come out really well so I want to have a go at doing some more of those + the flash comes with colour flash gels (little coloured acetate strips!) to tint the pictures with different colours which will be fun to experiment with. 

It has the option to shoot square frames and half frames too which is quite interesting, although I couldn't get mine to switch over to half frame it was incredible stiff to slide over! So although some of my pictures look like half frames they aren't, I'm not sure what happened when they got developed but a lot of the pictures came out with part of the picture missing (despite the full picture being on the negative!) but perhaps that's more a printer issue than a square format one. Oh, I just looked at this page and noticed the recommendation of developing the negative at home, which would be fine if I was super into it but perhaps a little over the top for just experimenting.  However the example for a panoramic shot mixing half and square formats does look amazing!

So my first adventure with lomography was not perhaps as exciting as I'd thought it might be but there's definitely something intriguing about it. I'm in two minds about recommending the camera at the moment,  I think I need to shoot some more film to really play about so watch this space! On a slight side note though I don't think I've ever had so many people look at my camera before, you will most definitely get a few stares if you take one out! 

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Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

I like your photos. thanks for your review. I have never used a Diana or any of the other lomo cameras they look like lots of fun especially with the half frame and double exposure settings