4 Days till Christmas: Christmas Pudding

Well traditionally Christmas Pudding should be made all the way back in November on stirring day, which was on the 21st this year. I made mine then which is why this is probably the least exciting Christmas Pudding you've ever seen - it's all wrapped up as it's been hiding in a cold dark place since I made it. Never the less I don't think you have to make it that early and if you still haven't brought one I'd say stop! Make one! It's super simple and tasty and you can even make mini-ones, I made mine on Christmas Eve last year, although I made a catastrophic error - I used plastic pudding bowls which were fine when I first steamed them but began to melt when I reheated on Christmas Day, horror moment! I should be safe this year I've used a proper ceramic one and gone for one large pudding. I followed this recipe to make mine, hopefully it's tasty I'll find out in 4 days! 

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