3 Days till Christmas: wrapping presents

There seems to be a lot of beautifully wrapped stuff around this year and I love brown paper so I decided to jump on it and give it a go myself. I think I'm well known in my family for being both anti-wrapping (such as waste of paper!) and also at being pretty terrible at it if I do ever attempt it. I don't think I've quite achieved the same look as the beautiful things I've been looking at (I think perhaps too random a combo of colour and probably should have stuck to one thing!) but it's a marked improvement on my normal attempts and I'm excited to collect back the brown paper to make sketchbooks with and some of the ribbon/string should be able to be reused by me or the recipient! 

get inspired like I did looking at these examples of beautiful wrapping...
here, herehere, here, here and here. ah! beautiful

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