12 days till Christmas: Spicy Pickled Christmas Cabbage

There's 12 days till Christmas and I'm feeling really festive this year - I've been making lots of gifts, foods and crafts so I thought I'd share one a day till Christmas. To kick it off is some spicy pickled Christmas cabbage, when I went to Munich I fell in love with pickled cabbage so when I came across this recipe I had to try it. There's just enough time to make this in time for Christmas as you're meant to leave it for 2 weeks and I think it'd be the perfect pickle to go with your leftovers on boxing day! 

I followed this recipe from the mail online, my only warning is that boiling vinegar leaves a really strong smell and it lingered for a few days! The colour of it is fantastic, it's a really bright magenta and it tastes amazing with sausages. It makes 5 jars so I've tied some ribbons round it to make it look beautiful and given the other 4 away as gifts. Yum yum! 


dropstitch said...

Man alive! I can't believe Christmas is so soon and I haven't got anything organised, not a thing. I was feeling so festive in about September but now it just seems like a major inconvenience. Sigh... I think Christmas is just going to have to be cancelled in our house for the first (and hopefully last) time ever :(

ps We usually make chutney around this time of year and the vinegar smell is horrendous but definitely worth it when you taste the goodies!

claire platt said...

Bless - you must email me your address so I can send some christmas goodies your way


the smell was like supergross but you are correct! tasty goodness makes it worth it!