knitting and alphabets

The autumn term in teaching always seems the longest and busiest (she's says only just coming up to finishing her second ever autumn term). I've been teaching graphics this year and I've fallen in love with typography so much I've started playing about a bit in my own sketchbooks, more to come soon I'm sure. I'm currently knitting the above jumper - I'm using this free pattern by Rowan but with a different yarn. I really love the pattern and the length so I'm hoping it will be my super winter jumper! 

I think I mentioned this back when we first started doing it at work, but me and two other colleagues run course blogs (here's the textiles one, you can get to the other ones through that too) and I'm really starting to enjoy it. We're launching new types of updates next week which will be fun, we've started using them for lessons and we've got  students in one of my classes using blogs instead of a sketchbooks, it's exciting to be involved with. We've also been uploading tons of pictures, mostly of student work, to flickr. I made these 'good luck' 3D letters with one of my classes this week; I love being able to do such a variety of different creative stuff for my job! I did a craft fair with some students a few weeks ago too! Awesome! + This is what our department looks like in case you wondered! So whilst it does seem like it's been crazily busy I'm still enjoying it immensely!

p.s I've also fallen a little bit in love with pinterest... if your on there add me and I'll add you back! 

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